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1 Week Skin Detox Program

For both men and women.


Anyone who is above 19years age group. 


This Program is designed to detox your skin inside out in 1 week. We will provide healthy drinks, DIY masks for your skin, tasks that have to be followed for the whole week. The 1-week skincare program will target different areas of the skin with wellness and lifestyle tips and help you reset the skin. Remember one thing every single skin is different.


Get Healthy, glowing, brighter skin from inside.

But before that, let's reset your skin.


This 1-week Skin Detox Program includes:


1. Online skin quiz to understand your skin type.

2. Toxin and dead skin removal.

3. 1 week(7 DIYs) of skincare masks with easily available ingredients.

4. Only Natural ingredients will be suggested.

5. Healthy Drinks for a week.

6. One week of Food/Lifestyle tips for a skin detox.

7. Daily routines will be sent to your Email address/WhatsApp.

8. Flexible program start date.

9. One extra Free DIY, drink, and tasks for a day - Bonus Day.

10. Skin Care tips for your skin type.


Before the program begins, we will get your details, understand your skin type, problems and then give you the appropriate Detox plan.


The skincare program is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any skin diseases. This is just to address any of your skin concerns. This program should not be taken as a prescription or as a promise of benefits, or claims of curing any skincare or as a guaranteed result that will be achieved. This information or instruction or advice is given by a certified face yoga trainer is not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. Please don't discontinue or modify any medication which is prescribed to you and being presently taken. As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical and emotional health.

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