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Soaponic is an online website where we provide natural skin and hair care products. We also provide skin care programs and face yoga programs for healthier, glowing skin and for wellbeing. We believe in "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, YOUR BODY KNOWS THE BEST AND GO NATURAL"


Ingredient Commitment


Treat yourself with Handmade natural skin and hair products. Go natural with natural oils, herbs, butter, fragrances, and many more natural luxurious ingredients. We use the best quality ingredients for preparing the products. 100% natural products.

You can find completely natural soaps, toners, lip balms, Hair oil, Tooth powders, and many more. We never ever compromise on the quality of the product.


Why Natural Oils?


Cold-pressed oils are used in making the products. As you all know oils are very effective for our skin routine and thus we give the best product out of oils. And nothing can nourish our body as oil does. So pure, natural, chemical-free oils are used. 

About the founder:

Suman Narayan, founder of "Soaponic". She grew her interest in natural medicine, Ayurveda, etc., years ago which is connected to nature, and how much ever she goes to modernized beauty products, she kept on coming back to natural care, and that is when she realized that she should learn about natural skincare, haircare, body care, and so on. She is certified in "Natural Skin and Haircare Products" and also Internationally certified as "Face Yoga Trainer & Practitioner" from England and also in "Nutrition and Wellbeing" for the whole body. That's when Soaponic was found. Her motto is to introduce everyone to the magic of nature care. 

Also more about our founder, she is basically a Software Engineer and also a Playback Singer. 

She writes blogs on health, wellness, and beauty, you can check the link here. You can follow her on Instagram.

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