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Monthly Personal Face Yoga with Suman Narayan


Price: 12000/-




An online personal session with Face yoga expert Suman Narayan.


10 sessions at your convenience.


What is included:

  1. Each session is of 30min

  2. Face Exercises, Face Massages, Acupressure techniques, Relaxation techniques, and Well-being tips can be incorporated into your daily routine.

  3. Face Analysis.

  4. 1-month face transformation


She will teach you techniques that are personalized for your face and also the techniques to lift, tone, and contour your face.


You will first need to fill out the online consultation form, for us to understand your skin and to customize the Face Yoga based on your preferences. Once you buy the Personalised Face Yoga Session, the form will be sent to you. Then we will send the dates where we can have our personalized Face Yoga session.


What you will need for the session: Face oil/Cream that suits your skin type.


Who Can Take this session: Anyone who wants,

1. Lifted and bright face.

2. Toned face.

3. Smooth face and neck free from wrinkles and lines.

4. Bright eyes, free from dark circles and puffiness. 

5. Toned and defined Jaw.

6. Reduce double chin.

7. Boosts collagen and elastin naturally.

8. Relaxed skin, mind and body, and many more.

9. Healthy skin.


What you will achieve: At the end of the session you will learn Face Yoga Techniques based on your preferences to add it to your daily routine and your face muscles are lifted and defined with a relaxed and energetic feeling leaving the skin healthy and glowing.

*Terms & Conditions:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to change classes in the schedule up to 24 hours before the scheduled class time. Once you book no refunds shall be provided in case you miss the class.

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