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Face Yoga Consultation with Suman Narayan

Price: 500/-



To everyone who is confused about Face yoga and looking for Skin/Face-specific consultation with Suman Narayan.

She is a Face Yoga expert in resolving concerns related to Face and wellness with a holistic approach. She will assess your specific needs, expectations, and goals. The consultation may begin with a discussion about your concerns, such as signs of aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, or facial tension, etc.,

This is just the beginning of your face yoga journey, equipping you with the knowledge to continue practicing and improving the health and appearance of your face. This will help you take your healing into your own hands and get more in tune with your concerns.

In this quick session, you can address your Skin/Face related concerns.

Consultation Details10-20 Mins online personal consultation.

Note: Face Yoga is not included. While registering for this session please enter the correct details(email Id & phone no). You will receive all the details through email.

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