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I am Suman Narayan, founder of "Soaponic". I grew my interest in natural medicine, Ayurveda, etc., years ago which is connected to nature, and how much ever I go to modernized beauty products, I kept on coming back to natural care, and that is when I realized that I should learn about natural skincare, haircare, body care, and so on. I am certified in "Natural Skin and Haircare Products" and also Internationally certified as "Face Yoga Trainer & Practitioner" from England and also in "Nutrition and Wellbeing" for the whole body. That's when Soaponic was found. My motto is to introduce everyone to the magic of nature care. 

Also more about me, I am basically a Software Engineer and also a Playback Singer. You can find my songs on all the music apps. I also have a youtube channel, Suman Narayan. I also teach light music online to kids and elders under "Suraag Music School". 


I write blogs on health, wellness, and beauty, you can check the link here. You can follow her on Instagram.

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